Ofsted Outstanding School: June 2015
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Here at St John’s, we have a diverse staff team, full to the brim with experience and ideas. We are a supportive community, ensuring the core values of friendship, forgiveness, trust and compassion are not only taught and encouraged to the children but also amongst staff too.

We know that a happy staff means a happy school, which is why we ensure a strong support network for our staff.

MRS M ARTERClass Teacher & SENCo
MRS R ATTWOODTeaching Assistant
MRS H BAKERFinance Team
MRS L BARNESClass Teacher & EYFS Phase Leader
MRS N BARNESTeaching Assistant
MRS G BODYSupport Teacher
MISS Z BUTLERTeaching Assistant
MRS D BLACKWELLTeaching Assistant - HLTA
MRS K BOWNClass Teacher
MS D CLARKETeaching Assistant
MRS J CLARKETeaching Assistant
MISS E CLAPPERTONIntervention Teacher
MS S COLEMANTeaching Assistant
MRS R DAVISTeaching Assistant
MRS P DIMMOCKSupport Teacher
MRS H DOWNEYBusiness Manager
MRS A DRURYClass Teacher & Lower KS2 Phase Leader
MRS T EDWARDSCleaning Staff
MRS T FARLEYTeaching Assistant
MR O FARROWClass Teacher & KS1 Phase Leader
MRS J FINCHDeputy Headteacher
MRS L FORDTeaching Assistant
MRS  L GEEClass Teacher
MISS H GRIFFITHSClass Teacher & Upper KS2 Phase Leader
MISS S HAYLERTeaching Assistant
MRS D HOLTAdministration Team
MRS J HOOKTeaching Assistant
MISS G HUNTTeaching Assistant
MRS H JONESClass Teacher
MR P KANECaretaker
MRS P KANECleaning Staff
MISS P KELMANTeaching Assistant
MS M LANETeaching Assistant
MRS Z LORAINETeaching Assistant
MRS J LUCASTeaching Assistant
MISS Z LUCKTeaching Assistant
MRS J MANNERINGTeaching Assistant
MRS H MAYSupport Teacher
MISS S MCMUNNCleaning Staff
MRS C MILLSTeaching Assistant
MRS I O’HAGANClass Teacher
MRS J PARAMORTeaching Assistant
MRS A PARISTeaching Assistant
MRS R PENFOLDClass Teacher
MRS K PLAWTeaching Assistant
MRS N RAPSONTeaching Assistant
MR B READClass Teacher
MRS S REIDTeaching Assistant
MR P RIEPMATeaching Assistant
MS T ROCHEClass Teacher
MS Z ROSETeaching Assistant
MRS J RUSSELLTeaching Assistant - HLTA
MRS G SHADWELLAdministration Team
MRS C SMITHTeaching Assistant
MR D SMITHHeadteacher
MRS C SPURRTeaching Assistant - HLTA
MRS G TAYLORTeaching Assistant - HLTA
MRS L THOMASClass Teacher
MRS H THOMPSONTeaching Assistant
MRS J THOMPSONTeaching Assistant
MRS M TSANGTeaching Assistant
MISS H TURNERTeaching Assistant
MRS J WAGHORNTeaching Assistant
MRS J WALLTeaching Assistant - HLTA
MRS N WELLERClass Teacher
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A school with friendship, forgiveness, trust and compassion at its heart.
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