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Art and Design

We use nature, culture and history as a basis for art and design. The children find out about influential artists from L S Lowry to Joan Miro whilst using different materials and learning new art techniques.

We also link art to other subjects to give us inspiration for our creations, such
as Egyptian masks and plant sculptures

We draw, paint, print, create collages and 3D models and even learn unusual
techniques like the Japanese Hapa Zome.

We have close links with the ceramics department at Valley Park secondary
school and are able to use their facilities to enrich the art curriculum.

Every year we enter art competitions. We participated in the 'Take One
Picture' project. The artwork we have submitted has been selected for display
in the National Gallery.

This year we have taken part in ‘The Look of Hope’ project in which the
children created artwork to help them make sense of their experiences during
the pandemic.


National Curriculum for Art & design
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Whole School Long Term Plan for Art & Design
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